Volume 5, Issue 5, September 2019, Page: 72-75
Extra Anatomic Repair of Interrupted Aortic Arch
Anirudh Kumar Paidi, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Palli Venkata Naresh Kumar, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Madhava Rao Midhe, Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Ravi Kiran Mamidala, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Venkat Reddy Navuluri, Department of Perfusion, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Received: Sep. 25, 2019;       Accepted: Oct. 16, 2019;       Published: Nov. 4, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijcts.20190505.11      View  412      Downloads  116
Interrupted Aortic Arch is a rare congenital anomaly with an incidence of 2 per 100,000 live births. It is almost always (95-97%) associated with structural abnormality like VSD. Interrupted Aortic Arch is usually diagnosed soon after birth, and when left untreated results in 90% mortality at a median age of 4 days. Isolated IAA is a very rare entity. Substantial collateral circulation must be present to maintain flow and enable survival. Conventional surgical repair is a challenge due to extensive collateral circulation in patients who have survived to adulthood. Here, we report a patient with an isolated IAA without any associated defect who survived into third decade. The patient presented with complaints of palpitations, uncontrolled hypertension, and weakness in lower limbs and on evaluation, he had isolated Interrupted Aortic Arch. We managed to do an Extra anatomical Bypass graft from ascending aorta to descending aorta on a beating heart with minimal risk. The procedure was done through median sternotomy to avoid the damage to collaterals when approached through thoracotomy.
Interrupted Aortic Arch, Extra Anatomical Bypass, Sternotomy, Collaterals, IAA
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Anirudh Kumar Paidi, Palli Venkata Naresh Kumar, Madhava Rao Midhe, Ravi Kiran Mamidala, Venkat Reddy Navuluri, Extra Anatomic Repair of Interrupted Aortic Arch, International Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. Vol. 5, No. 5, 2019, pp. 72-75. doi: 10.11648/j.ijcts.20190505.11
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